To “cut and run” was defined by Englishman David Steel in 1794 as “to cut the cable and make sail instantly, without waiting to weigh anchor”

Logistics is simple, but it’s not easy…

Heather Donachie

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Logistics is simple, but it’s not easy…

Who We Are

Logistics Made Easy

With 18 years’ experience in Global Logistics, International Trade and Supply Chain Management; Overhead Solutions adds value to your exporting process. We bring a broad knowledge of potential pitfalls, responsibilities of buyers and sellers, delays and potential problems on trade lanes, timely delivery of documentation for clearance and delivery, and more. Ensuring your supply chain management is proactive rather than reactive.

Breaking Down Barriers

Breaking down barriers to International Trade Borders can be time consuming, confusing and costly.  Getting your product to market entry stage is exciting.  Moving the product globally can be lost in that excitement. The final cog can become the spoke in the wheel, significantly delaying your market entry, resulting in extra costs and disillusioned customers

  • In negotiating your sales agreement with your potential customer or distributor, have you considered your Incoterms? Do you understand your liabilities/ responsibilities under the different Incoterms?
  • Have you researched different Forwarders/ Agents that are suitable for your business?  Your Forwarder is crucial in having the global reach and competence that your business needs.
  • Have you tied off all of your national and international compliance?
  • Are your staff informed and trained on all aspects of Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Compliance?
  • How much capital do you put in to gaining Global Distributors, Agents, travel to countries of potential markets, marketing, production, warehousing?  How much capital do you then put in to crossing borders smoothly? 
  •  New Zealand sales and distribution is one thing. Exporting is not just a next step to increase sales and awareness – it demands specialised support and knowledge..

The moment you soften your message with humour, the message will get through……

Heather Donachie

Creative, compassionate, pragmatic, resourceful, – enjoy making people laugh.

A resourceful person who is not afraid to ask the hard questions. A logical thinker focusing on the solution and not the problem. A compassionate approach to staff that may need re-educating or training. Process-oriented.

Core Competency and Experience


Exceptional ability to develop effective relationships and delight customers.

Operational Management

Extensive operational management experience, including team building, administration and reporting.


Ensure compliance with Incoterms, and facilitate awareness of, statutory, regulatory and industry obligations.


Consultancy on current Supply Chain Management systems, staff knowledge bank, vulnerabilities within supply chain management.  Report on same and provide solutions and recommendations.

Export Logistics

Including all country specific documentation (Invoices, Packing Slips, Certificates of Origin, Product Specifications), liason with global market partners, international airlines and logistics providers for movement of stock, container loading and storage.


Experience in implementing, improving and training. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) relating to Global Logistics, Business Administration, and Supply Chain Management.


Research and recommend Freight Forwarders/Customs Brokers relevant to your business.


Seminars on Export Logistics.

Service Providers

Consultancy and research on engagement of outsourcing 3PL’s and other service providers.


Solves Your Problems

Please contact us for a one hour free consultation on any of our services. We cross national borders too. Based in Marlborough - we work with anyone, anywhere in New Zealand.
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