To “cut and run” was defined by Englishman David Steel in 1794 as “to cut the cable and make sail instantly, without waiting to weigh anchor”

Logistics is simple, but it’s not easy…

Heather Donachie

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Logistics is simple, but it’s not easy…

What We Do

Our Services

Our comprehensive services are listed below. We like to break it down to keep you interested.


Supply Chain Management

Consultancy and advice on supply chain management systems. Inclusive of stock management systems, stock management over multiple locations – nationally and internationally.

Cross Trade Shipments

Cross Trade Shipments and all country specific compliance for consignor and consignee. Advise on Cross Trade Shipments, management and structure of same.

Manufacturing Process

Clear understanding of the manufacturing process, COGS and the process of getting goods from raw or component state to a finished product. Understanding and service in keeping all parties informed and engaged in the process from production to end destination.

Communication Channels

Work closely with suppliers/ manufacturers and set up communication channels for same.

B2C Trade

Ability to walk the global customer through the importing process, advise on destination Forwarders, taxes and duties, their responsibilities and liabilities

B2B Trade

Efficient and effective completion of all documentation. Clear and concise communication to destination Distributor or Agent. Provide all certificates, documents and information. Direction on process for any new importers of product.

Agents & Forwarders

Liaise with all involved Agents and Forwarders on shipments, documentation, shipping schedules.

Freight Forwarder

Research and setup with aligned Freight Forwarder for your business.

Licences/ Certificates

Advice on industry specific licences/ certificates


Research and advise on correct Incoterms – chain of custody under Incoterms, legal responsibilities, letters of credit, Terms of Trade, GST, foreign tax and duties.

Staff Training

Staff Training on all aspects of Export Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Documentation, national and international compliance.

Audits/ Reviews

Consult and review on current Export Logistics systems, suppliers, transport companies, staff resourcing and knowledge. Recommendations on improvements.

Wine Industry Specialist

Broad understanding of Wine Industry compliance and logistics. WETT returns. Distributor Agreements and Terms of Trade, Incoterms, stock management, depletions. Airline Tenders.

Operating Procedures

Draw up Standard Operating Procedures for all Export Logistics processes


Registering with relevant governing/ compliant bodies (e.g. MAF, COC, Customs, MBIE, MPI)

Export Templates

Setting up templates for export logistics documentation.


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